FinDEVr LD 2017 / aixigo

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aixigo is about technology for personal investments. We believe this business is facing a crucial change. Due to fierce regulations, low-interest rates and rapidly evolving customer expectations, the highly attractive personal investment business is due for a revolution through digitalisation. Game changing institutions will industrialize the manufactured wealth management, turning it into a mass retail service with a 1:1 product-to-customer individuality.

aixigo delivers the infrastructure, a high performance portfolio management set of APIs, capable of handling millions of customers in milliseconds using transaction based technology, such as composing, monitoring, rebalancing, ordering and reporting of an individual portfolio.


Digital Wealth Management with APIs

aixigo provides high performance wealth management software for digitalization and process automation. In this presentation, we create a business process for monitoring and rebalancing portfolios according to their investment guidelines. In a live coding session, we will show how to use our portfolio management REST-services to develop this BPM process. At the end, you will see a running workflow that identifies portfolios, rebalances them and creates orders. This workflow is a core component of an automated wealth management solution – just one example of how easily you can use our RESTful-API. The services are capable of handling millions of portfolios, so this process scales at retail level. In addition, they also handle ultra-large portfolios for High-Net-Worth customers in breath-taking time.

What You’ll Learn

  • Creating digital wealth management processes has become easy by using our API regardless of the number or size of customers you have to manage.
  • You can use our building blocks in order to create new business models and better customer experience.
  • We release you from the burden of monolithic legacy solutions and offer a lightweight and flexible way to solve business needs.


Marcus Gruendler, Head of Portfolio Management Systemsündler-7b011b33

Jonas Pommerening, Software Developer

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