FinDEVr SF 2015 / Token

Presenter Profile

Token provides a new rail for instant, secure and flexible payments. The Token Payment Platform is an end-to-end secure payment system accessible to developers, where all transactions are authorized using digital signatures. With Token, third party developers easily add payments and identity to their websites and apps. There is no worrying about PCI compliance or protecting user information as Token is based on public-key cryptography rather than shared secrets such as usernames and passwords. Token is focused on delivering the best Developer Experience to be had and allow developers to focus on their core mission.


The Future of Payments Now

Learn how website and app developers improve conversion rates and customer experience with Token’s new payment rail. Gone are the troubles with payment cards and other antiquated payment methods. You’ll see how Token supports current payment models and how it creates opportunities for new, exciting business models. You’ll see how incredibly smooth user provisioning is, how easy it is to integrate with websites and apps, and what rock-solid security means. Basically, you’ll get to know the future of payments now.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to increase conversion rates for websites and mobile apps
  • What good customer experience really looks like
  • How security concerns will be a thing of the past


Bill York, VP Development

Bill York is the VP of Product at Token, where he is responsible for the execution of Token’s product strategy. Bill brings over 20 years experience building great teams and products for both consumer and enterprise applications.

Prior to joining Token, Bill was VP of Product & Technology for Tile, held executive leadership positions at Reachable and was a Founder, CTO, and SVP of Product Development at Comergent, an enterprise e-commerce software company used by clients including Cisco, Intel and DIRECTV.

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