FinDEVr SF 2015 / Thomson Reuters

Presenter Profile

Thomson Reuters connects and powers the global financial community through our open and trusted news, data, analytics and insight, tools and applications, trading capabilities, and infrastructure and services – enabling discovery, liquidity and compliance. We help our customers uncover critical insights and market opportunities and connect to the largest network of financial professionals – enabling better decisions and more confident actions. We create efficiencies that drive profits with scalable infrastructure and services that enable faster and smarter performance. Our trading applications and venues provide access to liquidity that connects customers and markets.


Thomson Reuters Open Platform – Powering The Global FinTech Industry

Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for business & professionals. We begin by highlighting the unrivaled depth and breadth of our financial (and non-financial) content sets and analytical capabilities. We will demonstrate how the use of one of our Web APIs can help transform the web-based information services you deliver to your advisors and online customers. Our Open Platform also allows developers to create, distribute, market and manage applications to the growing Eikon user base. We will demonstrate the ‘Eikon – Application Platform’ and introduce our Partner Program and Professional Developer Community. Finally, we will introduce our Extensible Open Source APIs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Unrivaled depth & breadth of content and analytics, various delivery options / routes
  • Eikon Application Platform / Partner Program / Professional Developer Community
  • Extensible Open Source APIs


Jonathan Haruni – Director, Application Development Services, AMERS/ASIA

Jonathan has enabled many successes for customers and partners alike, both as a Software Developer and Consultant. Now he leads a team of API/SDK development consultants dedicated to help our customers and partners integrate with our open platform. Previously, he developed market data networks and API abstraction libraries.

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