FinDEVr SF 2015 / The Beast Apps

Presenter Profile

The Beast Apps offers an Application Distribution as a Service (ADaaS) as a utility in a pay-as-you-go business model where vendors can Build-Test-Deploy their commercial apps in the cloud within hours and days as opposed to weeks and months. The Beast Apps’ ADaaS has attracted some really big financial institutions, such as exchanges, Inter Dealer Brokers (IDBs), Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs), analytics vendors, market data vendors, etc., to leverage the platform and build their Eco System/App Store, significantly reducing time to market and costs, gaining unprecedented business intelligence, significantly enhancing revenue potential, and helping vendors and customers as well, bringing value to the entire eco system.


Build-Test-Deploy in the Cloud, Now

Today anyone can build a website and publish it in minutes or hours that can be accessed by anyone in the world, anywhere, instantly. Apple/Android Developers can download an SDK and build and distribute applications with much ease as well. The Beast SDK brings the same ease of building and distributing complex cloud based applications in AWS within hours and days. The Beast Apps will demonstrate how you can use its build-test-deploy system to distribute your applications through the cloud, now. The Beast App’s ADaaS removes app distribution challenges, letting you focus on your ‘Secret Sauce’, improving the velocity of innovation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Build-Test-Deploy Apps in AWS Cloud within Mins, Hours, Days
  • Build Your Eco System, Improve Velocity of Innovation
  • Innovative Collaborative Technology


Ashok Mittal, President | | 646-688-7474

Ashok has over 30 years of IT experience with last 20+ years creating a secure, robust, 24×7 application distribution architecture, The BEAST ADaaS, with a primary focus on helping distribute pre-trade, trade and post-trade applications in the financial industry.

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