FinDEVr SF 2015 / Quisk

Presenter Profile

Quisk, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based start-up that partners with financial institutions and other organizations to enable anyone to use their money without needing cash or cards. Quisk provides a digital services and transaction processing platform for integrated mobile payments and digital marketing and loyalty programs. Deploying cloud-based technology, the Quisk digital cash solution not only works with any mobile phone number on any type of mobile phone but also can leverage existing Point-Of-Sale (POS) infrastructure. The Quisk team is comprised of technology and payments industry veterans from CyberSource, Visa, Apple, and HP. Quisk is the next step in the evolution of money.


Quisk Digital Services Platform

We are sharing some of the key learnings Quisk has gained from building a next-generation digital payments/FinTech SaaS platform from scratch. While there are some common design themes and architectural patterns employed to build enterprise-grade SaaS platforms, there are also very specific demands on FinTech startups who focus on selling to banks and other financial institutions. Quisk’s SaaS platform interfaces with multiple entities, end user consumers, issuing banks, merchants, acquirers, processors, etc., with each entity having its own unique requirements and expectations. We are describing how we have built and delivered a holistic platform that satisfied these diverse customer needs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Architecture models for B2B2C-oriented FinTech SaaS platforms
  • Security considerations in cloud-based FinTech platforms
  • Performance and scalability considerations in next-generation FinTech platforms


Praveen Amancherla, CTO | | 408-462-6951

As Quisk’s CTO, Praveen Amancherla is responsible for technology and product development. He brings over 15 years of experience in designing highly available, massively scalable and secure software products and platforms. Praveen earned an M.S. in Computer Science from Michigan State University.

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