FinDEVr SF 2015 / Praesidio

Presenter Profile

Praesidio is a cloud-based cybersecurity company that was formed by bankers and security experts to solve the critical, real-world problems of breach detection, remediation, and governance insight that Financial Institutions (FI) are grappling with today. Praesidio bridges the gap between Governance and IT by linking your cybersecurity policies with the millions of system events where threats hide. It aggregates data across all cybersecurity tools to provide real-time management reporting that proves to your security team, board, auditors and regulators that your FI is actively managing and enforcing its policies.



If you’re not collecting your logs, you’re not secure. Just like testing, centralized log management should be an essential part of modern software development. If you collect your application’s logs you can debug faster, find problems missed by tests, monitor your systems, and find security problems. And you just might discover that the impossible happens all the time.

What You’ll Learn

  • Centralized log management is essential.
  • You can’t know what is happening in your application if you are not monitoring log data.
  • Security is a must have and you must have logging in order to have security; therefore, logging is a must have.


Sean Cassidy, CTO
@sean_a_cassidy |

Sean Cassidy is an engineer and leader who builds the right products the right way. At Limelight Networks, he built their video transcoding system and worked on Cisco’s ASA firewall. Sean holds a Master’s of Computer Engineering from RIT and is the author of numerous open source projects.

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