FinDEVr SF 2015 / Checkbook

Presenter Profile

Businesses and individuals are still writing paper checks. Checkbook is solving the problem of Paper Checks by introducing Digital Checks. We have built a way for individuals/businesses to send and receive Digital Checks without the need for signing up.

Our API provides Merchants with a way to accept Digital Checks on their websites with couple of lines of code. Digital Checks can do real-time balance verification thus minimizing NSF risk present in ACH. We charge a flat fee of $1/Check or less for businesses and it’s free for individuals.


API for Digital Checks

Our presentation will show both a business as well as an individual sending a Digital Check using a browser. It will be an end-to-end experience with the beneficiary receiving and depositing the Check.

Additionally, we will demo a site using our API to receive Digital Checks and go over the API integration.

What You’ll Learn

  • Digital Checks
  • API for Digital Checks
  • UI/UX for Digital Checks


PJ Gupta, Founder | | 415-595-8782

PJ Gupta is the former Chief Network Architect at VISA and lives and breathes payments, a techie with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Tim Kay, Technical Staff | | 650-517-4001

Tim built a check printing system to solve the problem of paper checks all by himself – before it was easy. He also has a PhD in Computer Science from Caltech.

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