FinDEVr SF 2015 / BlockCypher

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Blockchain is the technology that powers Bitcoin and other digital assets.

BlockCypher helps companies easily build reliable blockchain applications. The BlockCypher team built a generic blockchain platform, exposing simple web APIs for developers to build on. BlockCypher runs multiple blockchains on the same infrastructure, including their own blockchain. BlockCypher provides a cloud-optimized enterprise-grade blockchain platform with no single point of failure, linear scaling, and uptimes >99.99%.


Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Programmable Money

See how Bitcoin and blockchains enable programmable money. From simple scripts to complex contracts, code can automate the transfer of value and make it traceable, distributed and cryptographically secure. Dedicated blockchains and smart contracts can automate trading with fast settlement as well as encode complex derivatives. Want to learn how blockchains can fundamentally impact finance and Wall Street? How about rebuilding a bank in 2 days without keeping funds in custody? Want a sneak peek at what blockchains and peer-to-peer distributed consensus can do? This session will put you on the right track and create a spark for you to build the next big finance thing.

What You’ll Learn

  • Everything in Bitcoin is code
  • What is the blockchain, what can you do with it, and how to code on it
  • Any good developer can now functionally replace a bank


Matthieu Riou, CTO & Co-Founder | @mriou |

Matthieu has architected many software systems at MommaZoo, C3, Intalio, BEA, Reef, BNP, and Societe Generale. He’s a member and former VP at the Apache Software Foundation and has founded and mentored many different open source projects, from distributed databases to build tools. Matthieu has a BS & MS in Computer Science and AI.

Catheryne Nicholson, CEO & Co-Founder | @Catheryne_N |

Engineer, entrepreneur, mother, and former U.S. Naval Officer. Catheryne has built large-scale software platforms in education, energy and emissions management, CRM, and defense systems for MommaZoo, C3, Siebel Systems, and Northrop-Grumman. BSAE, MSCE, PE MechE. US Naval Academy and Stanford University.

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