FinDEVr SF 2014 / Yodlee

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Yodlee Interactive is a driving force behind today’s FinDat revolution with APIs that empower entrepreneurs, partners, and developers to power the latest digital financial innovations around the world. Yodlee Interactive APIs support independent and partner FinApps by providing authorized access to real-time data for customers’ current bank, credit card, investment, and loan accounts, as well as bills, insurance, and rewards programs. Yodlee Interactive APIs are behind hundreds of today’s coolest and most personalized digital experiences, including Credit Karma, LearnVest, miiCard, PowerWallet, SavvyMoney, SelfWealth, Xero, and Wave.


Demystifying the Yodlee Data
What is the Yodlee platform and what value do the Yodlee Interactive APIs open up to developers? What are the use cases and killer solutions built with the APIs, and what data does it enable? What is coming next for developers? We’ve covered categorization, wealth, and future enhancements in this video.


How to Build an App with Financial Data. Hands on help from Yodlee Interactive and the hot app builders who are leading the charge
Getting started with the Aggregation API: integration, developer portal tools, resources, help
Using key features like our add account wizard (FastLink). Show and tell on how two key developers have used Yodlee data & FastLink to build killer apps. What features are coming soon, hear from our early adopters. Presenters: Cheung Tam, Anita Hayrapetian & Guest Developers

Supercharge your Apps with Wealth Data from Yodlee & Xignite
Learn from both Yodlee and Xignite on how to get access to Wealth Data information (Stocks, Mutual Funds, Positions) via their APIs and the types of apps that you can build with this information. Presenters: Deviprasad Kocherry (Product Manager, Yodlee) & Al Chang (CTO, Xignite)

Yodlee’s Instant Account Verification (IAV) API for Managing Risk and Fraud
Learn how to use Yodlee’s Instant Account Verification APIs as a comprehensive account validation solution to minimize Risk and Fraud. Roll up your sleeves and see first hand how builders are using the API to streamline the availability and validation of accounts in today’s rapidly innovating funding processes. Presenters: Lori Martel, Jayasree Iyer & Guest Developers

Yodlee Interactive Code Review – Kick Back and Code With Us
We brought in the Yodlee Pro Services team to kick back and review code, answer questions, and hack through any confusion or challenges users may be facing.

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