FinDEVr SF 2014 / Visa

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The Visa Developers program provides a broad array of tools, services and resources from both Visa and its subsidiary brands to help developers create seamless, multi-channel payment solutions.


The Future of Commerce
Learn how Visa is supporting the creation of new, innovative commerce solutions by enabling developers, mobile network operators, device and platform operators to easily connect to Visa’s network through new open payment APIs and SDKs.


Visa Checkout API-less Web Integration
Implement your own instance of Visa Checkout on a website and get started with the Sandbox, adding requirement elements to a cart page, receiving/decrypting a payload, and updating with a pixel. Learn how simple it is to implement Visa Checkout on a website without making a single API call.

Visa Checkout Android SDK Integration
Add Visa Checkout support to your app using our Android SDK. Learn how easy it is to configure your app for Visa Checkout, as well get a payload and perform an update via our API.

Apple Pay Integration with Authorize.Net & CyberSource
Add Apple Pay to your app using our iOS SDK. Plus, see the steps to configuring your account for Apple Pay as we build a sample application and also talk about our underlying API support for Apple Pay.

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