FinDEVr SF 2014 / Paradigm4

Presenter Profile

Paradigm4 develops and supports SciDB: the open source, analytic DBMS; programmable from R & Python. SciDB is designed from the ground up to support more facile data management for Big and Diverse data and to do faster and bigger math. Hard questions. Fast answers. Open source.


Crypto-Currency and Massive Network Analysis
We begin with a graphical overview of a crypto-currency financial network, discuss the key issues and challenges around massive network analysis and then demonstrate our solution using SciDB via the RStudio user interface.

Presenter Bio

Bryan Lewis is Paradigm4’s Chief Data Scientist and creator of SciDB-R. Bryan pioneered the concept of “Personal Supercomputing”, introducing the first integrated desktop cluster system as co-founder of Rocketcalc LLC. He is the author of a number of R packages and has worked on many performance-related aspects of R, especially related to parallel computing. Bryan has a PhD in Applied Math. His research areas are in iterative methods for inverse problems and numerical analysis.

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