FinDEVr SF 2014 / ModoPayments

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With Modo you can build beautiful buying experiences, with exceptional economics. Whether you are looking for more sales, transactions, or rockstar moments for your consumers, Modo can help. Using Modo’s handcrafted API, your mobile app gets to perform in-store purchases at tens of thousands of store locations. Modo powers the payments and you design the experience. Everyone is looking for something: personal, magical, and beautiful. So why not give it to them? Your app, plus our platform = more of what you want. Conversational Gifting – Feeling generous? It may just be gas. But in case it’s not, Modo enables instant mobile gifts for friends, family, or that cute stranger sitting across from you! Your gifts can be redeemed in-store or online, and you can receive a notification when the gift is used. Create conversations about a brand, merchant, event, or EXPERIENCE. There are many ways to craft your gift (dollar amount, single visit, specific purchase, repeat purchases). What’s unique is the conversation that happens because Modo lets everyone interact with each other. We also have High Definition Offers (incl. SKU Level), Deal Stampedes, Stuff Subscriptions, Redemptive Rewards, Actual Expenditures, Grand Entrances, and Personal Attractions. Check out our website to learn about these beautiful buying experiences and more.


How to Find Money & Love with Mobile Apps (OK, maybe more money than love)
Learn about the best-kept secret in mobile payments APIs: Modo. Modo shows you in 6 min or less how to build a beautiful buying experience that entices consumers to spend money, and make you money, through exceptional economics. This is all with the cunning use of the mobile app of your dreams. Your love mileage may vary.


Get Your Hands on Modo
Now you know the secret of how the Modo API can help you build beautiful buying experiences for your audience and make real money with your very own mobile app that has exceptional economics. So, let’s do this thing. Watch as we roll up our sleeves and build an app they will fall in love with.

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