FinDEVr SF 2014 / Forte Payment Systems

Presenter Profile

Forte Payment Systems empowers developers to build secure and innovative electronic payment solutions for all platforms whether online, at a physical POS or on the road.  Able to provide the modern, robust and powerful options that large companies demand, along with the ease of use, simplicity and affordability for the smallest of operations, Forte redefines the notion of flexibility and scalability.


Professional Payments Made Easy: Developer to Developer
Enable payments into your application with Forte’s full range of enterprise-class services. Our modern and professional RESTful APIs have been implemented to simplify integrations, yet keep power and flexibility for developers to build massively scalable and distributed payment-enabled solutions.


Forte Payment APIs – Deep Dive
This hands-on workshop is focused on integration using Forte.js, Forte Checkout and Forte’s REST-based APIs. We also discussed our SDKs, which make integration using today’s most popular development languages and mobile OS a snap.

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