FinDEVr SF 2014 / BehavioSec

Presenter Profile

Leaders in frictionless behavioural user verification & authentication. BehavioSec examines how you interact with a website or mobile device to provide a frictionless layer in web fraud prevention.


BehavioSec Offers the Most Mature ID System that Uses Behaviour Analytics
BehavioSec presents the latest in real-time security through the ability to monitor the way users interact with their device. By monitoring the environment and interactions such as typing rhythm or mouse patterns, our technology is able to recognize if someone other than the intended user is operating the device. If a security breach is detected, additional security measures can be carried out to prevent fraud and stop identity theft.

  • Robust proven technology with more than 10 million active users in 2014
  • Scalable with more than 500 million mobile transactions processed
  • High performance with more than 20 banks using the service
  • Available now for cloud or onsite deployment


Real-time Scoring of Behavioural Biometrics via Web Services
Presenting our web & mobile SDK, we are diving deep into the backend services and showing how easy it is to instrument a website or mobile app with frictionless behavioural biometrics to add a new layer of security.

In an interactive session we are demonstrating a number of use cases of both real-time scoring and ‘after the fact’ biometrics forensics. We open up the client SDK to show the APIs, file formats, etc. In parallel, we expose the typical integration points to see the architecture and the power the backend web service APIs offer developers to represent additional transaction security in a way that suits your organization’s business needs.

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