FinDEVr SF 2014 / Avoka

Presenter Profile

Avoka is a leading customer experience management company specializing in multi-channel customer transactions. Avoka powers customer engagement applications for banking and insurance organizations worldwide, capturing and delivering business-critical customer transactions into back-office systems.


Build an Omni-Channel Account Opening
Avoka demonstrates omni-channel account opening through their engagement platform:

  • Responsive & adaptive design
  • Cross-over between channels
  • Pre-fill from social profiles
  • ElectID verification
  • Separation of information capture from core systems to facilitate easy cross-sell


Build an Omni-Channel Accounting Opening Experience in Under 60 Minutes
Avoka builds an account opening experience in under an hour that:

  • Is responsive & adaptive
  • Supports cross-over between channels
  • Is integrated to social media for pre-fill
  • Is integrated to electronic ID verification
  • Facilitates cross-sell with loose coupling to core systems

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