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GreenKey Unveils New CEO and May Launch of Instant Messenger Aggregator


GreenKey Technologies is less than a month away from enabling financial institutions to safely use the same popular messaging apps as their customers.

The company’s instant message aggregator, which records messages sent over third party platforms like WhatsApp, AOL Instant Messenger, and Yahoo!, will launch in early May. The aggregator helps FIs satisfy mandatory record-keeping requirements, capturing and storing messages and blocking the ability to delete them. GreenKey CEO Paul Christensen said the technology will allow professionals at FIs to use a variety of messaging platforms while relieving institutions of the problem of maintaining records. “Our instant messenger aggregator takes the burden off the firms and makes it easy for them to comply,” Christensen said.


Pictured: Joe Heenan, VP Engineering for GreenKey Technologies demonstrating Green Key Technologies’ voice workspace at FinDEVr New York.

Product Officer Anthony Tassone called the aggregator a “natural extension” of the company’s innovations in voice-driven collaboration. “In fact,” Tassone said, “Green Key has been working with customers on voice dictation inside the messaging platforms, enabling faster workflows for brokers and traders who must submit deals within a certain period of time to remain compliant.”

The release of the instant message aggregator comes in the wake of the company’s debut at FinDEVr New York in March and the arrival of Christensen (pictured) as the GreenKey’s new CEO. A former managing director at Goldman Sachs, Christensen is an expert on global market structure issues who also served as Global Head PaulChristensen_GreenKey_CEOof Strategic Investments for Deutsche Bank and, before that, as Co-COO at multi-dealer electronic trading platform, Volbroker. He holds degrees from the University of Queensland, London School of Economics, and the London School of Business.

Christensen’s enthusiasm for the platform is palpable, saying that all phones in the financial markets should be GreenKey-enabled. “At the global investment banks where I worked, I couldn’t one-touch video conference my colleagues or address multiple counter-parties by tapping a button on a tablet,” Christensen said. “The terrific functionality that we all take for granted on our smartphones has just not been available in the corporate setting until now.”

A self-described bunch of “telephony, telecom, and web development geeks,” GreenKey Technologies was founded in 2013, and is based in Chicago, with offices in London, New York, and Singapore.  Green Key Technologies’ VoIP network creates a secure, compliant, software voice workspace that empowers next generation, “high throughput” collaboration, with multiple counterparties and full textual documentation of conversations. More than 250 of the largest banks in the world use GreenKey’s voice-as-a-service solutions. The company was awarded the Most Promising Sell-Side Start Up Award by Waters Technology in 2015.