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First Wave of FinDEVr Silicon Valley Presenters Revealed

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Early this summer, we started reviewing applications from companies excited to present their latest fintech tools, technologies, APIs, platforms, case studies, and tutorials at FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016. Today, we’re excited to announce the first wave of presenters that will take the stage at the Santa Clara Convention Center this October.

To watch all 50+ companies present live, make sure to buy your ticket. Early-bird tickets expire soon, so these are your final days to save.

We’ll announce the remaining stealth companies over the next two months. In the meantime, get to know the innovative established and startup organizations below:

1787fp’s mobile financial app helps millennials and young professionals track their finances and manage investments through one unified financial planning tool.

Aerospike uses a distributed, key-value database designed for Flash to help organizations make decisions in real-time.

Apex Clearing’s suite of APIs facilitates real-time onboarding, account management, and cash management for broker dealers and registered investment advisors.

AutoGravity helps digitally minded customers looking to finance a car embrace the full potential of the smartphone through its mobile-first digital marketplace for auto financing.

BankGuard’s — SuperMatrix SDK and SuperMoney system offer a low cost biometric identification solution.

BBVA’s API Market helps developers access and build on core banking services for the digital ecosystem.

Blend’s digital mortgage-lending platform uses a human-centric design coupled with data science to make the mortgage application process less opaque and time-consuming for both homebuyers and lenders.

Castle uses behavioral analysis in its security API to help online businesses avoid account takeover.

Cognitect’s Datomic distributed database unlocks disparate data for financial services organizations, top 10 banks, and startups using a built-in audit trail and real-time analytics.

DefenseStorm seeks to alert companies storing data in the cloud of potential cyber threats through its lighting fast, easy-to-set-up, unified security platform.

Devexperts helps brokerages, traders, banks, and market makers analyze and playback historical market data using domain-specific compression for high performance.

Digital Business Art’s Digital Banking Platform leverages its own researches and cutting-edge Oracle technologies to help retail banks make a permanent service more available.

Entrust Datacard’s IdentityGuard Mobile Soft Token saves users from having to manually enter a one-time password for online banking and ecommerce transactions.

Envestnet Yodlee offers a new, quick-start registration and API solution to make the registration and development process easy for engineers, developers and business entrepreneurs.

Exeria’s Algorithmic Robot Platform uses drag-and-drop bot building and automatic visualization to simplify investing for both B2C and B2B applications.

Expensify’s distributed database technology solves WAN-based geo-redundancy problems for secure, cloud-services businesses using a novel, high performance replication protocol.

Finaeos helps enterprises and emerging single solution companies find better solutions for legacy providers using its Programmable.Cloud deep rapid application development that leverages CORE.Cloud Connection R.A.D. Gadget & process stack.

Financial Apps uses an API-led development platform that helps fintech companies achieve rapid scale.

Hyperwallet offers a toolkit of REST APIs, SDKs, JavaScript Widgets, and Webhooks to serve payout needs for high-growth, two-sided marketplace companies by using a global financial network and integrated payments platform.

IdentityMind Global solves fraud and regulator compliance issues for fintech companies, traditional banks, and online merchants by leveraging eDNA – Trusted Digital Identities on its on-demand identity management platform.

Kyckr’s suite of API’s uses automated, real-time, primary source data to manage onboarding and resolve KYC bad data problems for banks and corporate customers globally. acts as a trusted third party by generating evidence for companies that needs to proof the acceptance.

Marqeta’s open API issuer processor platform creates payment infrastructure for commerce innovators.

ModoPayments’ Digital Payments Hub uses its COIN technology to connect sources of value to diverse destinations for financial companies.

MX’s easy-to-use, fast to implement financial data API provides fintech developers with clean and usable transaction data.

NuData Security uses device, passive biometrics & analytics as a multi-layered solution to identify good users for top 100 e-commerce and financial institutions.

OCR Labs combats risk and fraud for banking, financial, insurance, telco and government through its OCR, FR and verification technology.

Personal Capital uses customers’ financial data to overcome the cumbersome process of opening investment accounts.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) seeks to resolve inefficiencies for trade finance (Standby Letters of Credit) using “blockchain-as-a-service.”

Smartwave’s platform-as-a-service helps financial, telco, transportation, consulting, and retail businesses digitally transform their businesses.

SpeechPRO has developed a new customer onboarding solution to solve KYC identity and verification with multi-channel access for CTO’s, developers and other technologists.

Tango Card’s simple technology and expert support in its RaaS API helps anyone looking to engage employees or consumers through a large-scale reward program.

Totum Wealth’s digital client engagement analytics tool helps financial advisors and individual investors improve risk assessment questionnaires by using interactive visualization of portfolio performance.

UCX’s centralized and transparent exchange allows CIOs, CFOs, and CTOs to compare cloud offerings using a single standardized unit of measure.

WiseBanyan uses Airflow (open source of AirBnB) to collect data to better serve its clients.

Wisdom Design Associates uses policy-based authorization technology to help compliance-reliant companies maintain fine-grained control of complex processes.

WooTrader helps everyone from first time investors to financial institutions leverage predictive analytics models in stock research.