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FinDEVr Preview: Modo

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FinDEVrSV16-withdateFinDEVr Previews highlight companies presenting new developer tools, platforms, and integrations at FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016, October 18 & 19. Early-bird savings end Friday, so pick up your ticket to save your spot today.

With Modo, you’ll learn how to build brand spanking new digital payments experiences that connect to not so new (and please don’t spank them) existing payments systems using Modo COIN Operated Digital Payments Hub.


Why it’s a must-see

New digital payments experiences need to use existing payments systems for scale, ease of adoption, and regulatory requirements. Don’t re-invent the bank (banks don’t like that). It’s easy to securely request money to move between any existing payments system connected to Modo.

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