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FinDEVr Preview: Interxion

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FinDEVr2015LogoV2DateFinDEVr Previews highlight companies presenting new developer tools, platforms and integrations at FinDEVr 2015 San Francisco Oct 6 & 7. Early-bird savings end Friday, so pick up your tickets today.

Interxion, Sayula and Vontobel present a European fintech success story. We start with the colocated foundation infrastructure necessary to meet European demands and progress to Sayula’s open development framework platform and added open source components allowing Vontobel to meet their needs for a shared structured derivatives valuation platform.


Why it’s a must-see:

You will learn about the constraints applying to data and infrastructure for European financial services.

You will also discover why major banks value solutions which allow non-IT users to seamlessly snap together data sources, analytical libraries, and models to create new models buy adding their business logic with an intuitive Excel interface.

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