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FinDEVr New York Preview: Quovo & Betterment

FinDEVr2016NY_stackdateA look at the companies presenting new developer tools, platforms, and integrations at FinDEVr New York, March 29 & 30.

Betterment & Quovo have recently partnered to deploy new aggregation-powered features across thousands of end-customers. Learn how the two have collaborated to leverage data from thousands of financial institutions to create a powerful, valuable online experience.



Why it’s a must-see:
Quovo and Betterment both represent game-changing innovations in FinTech: Quovo’s accurate, real-time, performance-ready data aggregation enhances Betterment’s automated digital advice. Their successful integration impacts the lives of thousands of customers and illuminates the road ahead for forward-thinking FinTech developers.

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