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FinDEVr New York Preview: PokitDok

FinDEVr2016NY_stackdateA look at the companies presenting new developer tools, platforms, and integrations at FinDEVr New York, March 29 & 30.

Medical bills are the primary cause of bankruptcy. Too often, high interest credit cards are used to pay for doctor visits.  PokitDok will help you understand emerging billing dynamics and uncover development tools/models that help mitigate financial risk. You will be able to create financing possibilities for expensive, non-acute procedures that can fall below the deductible level.


Why it’s great:
Health-specific risk scores can be used to make informed lending options available to cover expensive, non-acute procedures. Costly legal proceedings are often the last resort to collect unpaid bills. Learn how posting costs up front, identifying financial resources, and building an commerce infrastructure can dramatically reduce risk.

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