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FinDEVr New York Preview: FairCom

FinDEVr2016NY_stackdateA look at the companies presenting new developer tools, platforms, and integrations at FinDEVr New York, March 29 & 30.

It would be a massive undertaking to replace the mission-critical business programs written in COBOL with a brand new language without introducing detrimental bugs. With this in mind, FairCom created c-treeRTG, a fully operational transaction database that allows simultaneous SQL access to COBOL files, with no changes to the application logic.


Why it’s a must-see:
COBOL is used in 95% of all ATM transactions, 80% of the PoS transactions. With 1.5 billion lines of coded added every year, the financial industry is neck deep in COBOL, feeling challenged by real-time analytics and Big Data. That’s why FairCom is changing the way financial institutions can rationalize their COBOL systems with a modern DBMS.

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