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FinDEVr Live: Currency Cloud Takes a Look into the Creation of its API

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Currency cloud_logo_RGB_leftDevelop and automate your product with the Currency Cloud Payment Engine. Benefit from real time wholesale rates and a fast, secure payment network that can be tailored to your business using our next generation API.

Currency Cloud API Rebuild by the Currency Cloud tech team is giving the audience an insider’s perspective on how they rebuilt the company’s market leading API. They will cover the trade-offs between conventions, customer feedback and usability that take the creation of an API from textbook to real life. They are also talking through the innovative processes that they employed to ensure that the new API was exceptionally easy to use from the outset.”

Key takeaways

  • Trade offs between reality and theory when building an API
  • Real world ‘drinking your own champagne’
  • Exposing your APIs in an open source environment



Rachel Nienaber, VP Engineering
LinkedIn | | +44 20 3597 4884
Nienaber is responsible for the ongoing development of Currency Cloud technology and support for client needs. Fluent in Ruby and Java, her knowledge of ever-evolving standards, passion for technology and experience in scaling products makes her a critical asset for Currency Cloud in today’s global economy.

Liam McAndrew, Development Manager
LinkedIn | @liam_mcandrew | | +44 77 1912 9392
McAndrew is Development Manager at Currency Cloud. Having been with the company since its inception, he has played a key role in building the technology that is currently transacting over $10B a year. He is fascinated by the emergence of crypto-currencies and blockchain technology.