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FinDEVr Live: Build Blockchain 2.0 Apps with Technology from

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Blockstack_homepage_FinDEVr2015 | @blockstackio is an enterprise software company that sells infrastructure for financial services and other enterprises to create blockchain 2.0 applications quickly and easily. The San Francisco-based company has taken the underlying technology of Bitcoin and sells a hosted private sandbox to accelerate application development and prototyping.

A Perspective on Blockchain Technology for Financial Services
Blockchain technology for financial services is at the bleeding edge. The enormous potential has increased interest in the technology but created many questions, as well. There are many factors to consider: the technical foundation, the application, the participants, the legal and regulatory frameworks, etc. shares some thoughts on which areas are important to understand this new and exciting field of blockchain infrastructure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blockchain is infrastructure technology.
  • Infrastructure must be flexible and rigid in the right places.
  • Ecosystems win, not technology alone.



Peter Shiau, CEO & Co-Founder
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Lior Saar, CPO & Co-Founder