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FinDEVr Feature – NuCypher

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Interview with MacLane Wilkison, NuCypher‘s CEO & Co-Founder:

Where did you start your career and how did you gain the experience needed to run the tech side of your company?

NuCypherI’m a software engineer at heart but started my career at Morgan Stanley where I advised technology, media, and telecommunications companies on M&A and equity/debt financings. I spent a lot of time covering internet infrastructure
during the early innings of cloud infrastructure. I also saw first-hand the security and compliance obstacles faced by large enterprises in adopting these new technologies. At NuCypher, a lot of the problems we’re solving have to do with removing these roadblocks to cloud and big data adoption.

49539015_ccd88e25187516f9682eb9319ca4a3c0-mediumFrom a technologist’s perspective, what’s unique and game-changing about your technology?

We embed access policies directly into encryption so that security follows the data wherever it goes. This allows us to deliver the full security of encryption while avoiding the typical functionality and performance tradeoffs.

Tell us about your favorite implementation of your solution/technology.

I’m particularly excited about the use cases we’re seeing around secure and auditable cross-organizational sharing of encrypted data. With NuCypher, it’s possible to delegate and revoke access to your data to third-parties in a cryptographically secure way. We have several customers building shared industry data lakes with multiple participants contributing data — something which historically has required a trusted third party to manage.

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