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FinDEVr Feature — FairCom

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Interview with Evaldo Horn de Oliveira, FairCom‘s Director of Business Development:

Where did you start your career and how did you gain the experience needed to run the tech side of your company?

Evaldo - FairComI started my career as a researcher working on automation and artificial intelligence systems, controlled by neural networks. That quickly evolved into a system architect role in software development, leading teams to develop tailor-made solutions for a multitude of enterprise-level customers.

Over my career I have worked with major clients such as Coca-Cola, GM, Citibank, Bank of New York, among many others, in a variety of operating systems, programming languages and databases. The design, implementation, and delivery of these projects gave me a deep understanding of the complexity of the co-existence of DevOps. This experience led to a clear insight of how critical it is to keep thinking out-of-the-box to create unique solutions that cover so many requirements. Knowing the limitations of the infrastructure helps me today to support the decision process of customers when selecting new technologies. It also helps me define the roadmap our solutions need to follow to attend to the future needs of these customers.

From a technologist’s perspective, what’s unique and game-changing about your technology?

Our technology has evolved over the last 30 years to become the leader in the non-relational database market. We focus not only on performance and reliability, but also on our unique capabilities of flexible data schema management. Our customers have leveraged our technology as a competitive advantage to became leaders in their fields: payment systems, fund management, meta-data processing, and ERPs, to name a few. They all have a common need to manipulate non-relational data in an ultra-high throughput scenario, without sacrificing reliability. The additional capability of SQL that comes with our technology completes the offer, allowing these customers to integrate both non-relational and relational worlds on top of a single data set. High availability and recoverability are crucial in an embedded environment, making us the leaders in embedded transactional ACID databases.

Tell us about your favorite implementation of your solution/technology.

Feature - FairComIt’s hard to pick a single favorite implementation when there are so many cases that are unique in terms of innovation. If I have to pick one, my choice would be Visa Europe. A typical non-relational database environment, Visa Europe processed more than 18.9 billion transactions in 2015, peaking in excess of 2,000 transactions per second, with service levels and standards for authorized and cleared transactions at 99.999%. The Visa Europe network has maintained 100% availability for more than 100 months in a row, relying on our database technology to achieve such levels of reliability and performance. This would not be achievable with a relational-only database, mainly because a typical payment transaction requires zero relationship checks. We are very proud of this implementation, which is running and constantly expanding for several years already.

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