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EVO and Verifone Partner to Make EMV Payments Feasible at Restaurants


Payments solutions company EVO Payments International has teamed up with hardware giant Verifone to create a solution that helps U.S. restaurants alter EMV payments to include a tip.

Accepting EMV is fairly common at a retail store, but it is difficult for most restaurants, since they need to alter payment totals to include a tip after the cardholder has authorized the total. This is difficult with EMV, which doesn’t offer the capability to adjust the total charge after the payment is authorized.

Through the partnership, the two have created a way for restaurants to change the total after the amount has already been authorized. EVO created an application to work on Verifone’s EMV and NFC capable devices. The combined solution also allows restaurants to accept EMV payments for opening and closing bar tabs, splitting payments between gift cards and other payment types, and for using them without signature in quick service restaurants.

The solution will launch on Verifone’s VX 520 and will later be available on the VX 805 CFD.

EVO Payments International’s EVO Snap* presented at FinDEVr’s west coast event in 2015. To see more presentations of developer tools, check out our upcoming event in Silicon Valley on October 18 & 19.