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FinDEVr2015LogoV2DateAre you building new financial technology? Be sure to register soon for the only event exclusively for fintech developers, FinDEVr 2015, Oct 6-7 in San Francisco.

Industry news:

  • Expensify launches new fintech investment fund.
  • Yodlee hosts webinar on how to build financial apps to meet evolving customer expectations.
  • The Full FinDEVr: A Look at the Final Line-Up for FinDEVr 2015 San Francisco.

The latest from upcoming FinDEVr 2015 presenters:

  • Wallaby Upgrades Credit Card Optimization Solution with Spend Monitor.
  • Backbase-powered Touch Bank goes live in Russia.
  • PayPal hires former United Airlines executive, John Rainey, as new CFO.
  • EVO Snap* to fast track EMV migration for Software Vendors and retailers; partners with Handpoint.
  • NerdWallet looks at Personal Capital in feature on how automation is disrupting investing.
  • BehavioSec mentioned as one “wild invention of the future” that the Pentagon is behind.
  • OnDeck rolls out mobile app for account management on-the-go.
  • PYMNTS looks at how PayPal’s Paydiant is powering Subway’s mobile payments app.

Alumni updates:

  • Market Visual integrates with Tradier’s API to enable investors to manage stock portfolios and trade on a single platform.
  • Tradier announces 75+ investor platforms and advisors now integrate with its API.
  • Let’s Talk Payments interviews PayStand CEO, Jeremy Almond.
  • In its latest podcast, Payments Views talks with HCE inventor and CEO of SimplyTapp, Doug Yeager.
  • Mobile Payments Today looks at InComm’s drive to bring open-loop prepaid to mobile wallets.
  • PayNearMe partners with The California Department of Child Support Services to offer a new payment option for cash-paying customers.

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The FinDEVr APIntelligence

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Are you building new financial technology? Be sure to register now for the only event exclusively for fintech developers, FinDEVr 2015, Oct 6-7 in San Francisco. 


The latest from FinDEVr 2015 presenters:

  • Pinterest turns to  Braintree to power PayPal payment option for browsing consumers.
  • FinDEVr 2015: First Round of Presenting Companies Revealed.
  • Backbase set to launch its first hackathon 19 and 20 of June.
  • Spreedly now supports third party tokens to help merchants continue to process transactions using their existing gateway-specific tokens from within Spreedly.
  • Thinking Capital  announces new name, visual identity and tagline.
  • SandHill mentions  SnoopWall as 1 of 5 Cool Pre-VC Cybersecurity Startups.
  • Avalara  acquires Belgium-based VAT Applications.
  • UPS Capital Partners integrates with Kabbage to offer more SMBs access to a loan through UPS.

Alumni updates:

  • Xero  developing business apps that Apple is using to help market the iPad’s use in business.
  • looks at how Trulioo’s API defends startups against credit card fraud.
  • Xero  reaches 500,000 customers for its cloud accounting service, sets sights on 1 million customer milestone.
  • Verizon Ventures welcomes  SimplyTapp to its portfolio of investments.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts, Fandango, Sundance Catalog and Williams-Sonoma have all integrated Visa Checkout into their apps.
  • NerdWallet turns to  Trulioo CEO Stepehn Ufford CEO offers 5 steps to protect against cyberthreats.

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FT Partners Publishes Post-IPO Profile of Lending Club

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Now that the dust has settled on fintech’s biggest startup IPO ever, FT Partners has put together an extensive profile of Lending Club. Lending Club’s IPO last year was one of the major events that helped put fintech in the headlines of not just technology news, but business news, as well. And FT Partners’ report so far serves as the definitive document on just how the alternative lender did it and gives clues to what comes next.

Thumbnail image for LendingClubLogo.png

The data-rich, 60-page document focuses mostly on Lending Club, though small business lender, OnDeck, is also covered. The review of Lending Club before, during, and after its public offering includes industry reaction as well as summaries of analyst coverage.
Key milestones in the rise of Lending Club are shown graphically, from its launch in 2007, through the company’s first $25 million institutional investment five years later. An industry timeline shows Lending Club’s place in the evolution of the alternative lending market (interestingly contrasted with a graph of the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield).
The report discusses Lending Club’s competitive strengths, opportunities for growth, and includes seven pages of loan statistics and another nine pages of financial analysis focusing on revenue and revenue comparisons.
Perhaps my favorite part is the 16-page section “Selected Alternative Lending Transactions.” Looking at the variety of financing, M&A, and other transactions in both the consumer and small business markets provides a robust sense of the history and diversity of the alternative lending space.
The full report is available here.
Financial Technology Partners is an investment banking firm dedicated to the financial technology sector. The company was founded by Steve McLaughlin and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

OnDeck Goes Public, Raises $200 Million in Initial Public Offering

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Small business lending innovator OnDeck became a publicly traded company today, raising $200 million in an offering that valued the company at $1.3 billion.

And like Lending Club, which launched its IPO last week, OnDeck saw its stock price above its anticipated range. Initially set for $16-18, shares of ONDK opened Wednesday morning on the New York Stock Exchange at $26.50 and traded as high as $28 by midday.

OnDeck was founded in 2006 and specializes in providing loans to small businesses that are typically underserved by traditional lenders. What makes OnDeck unique is twofold: first, the company believes its proprietary methods do a better and faster job of identifying true creditworthiness than methods used historically by financial institutions. Second, OnDeck’s lending capital comes from lines of credit secured from banks, as well as securization of its loan book.
We shared some interesting metrics on OnDeck in November when the company announced its IPO plans. Additionally, OnDeck’s loan originations have grown at a compound AGR of 127% from 2011 to 2013, and the company has experienced year-over-year growth of 171% in the first nine months of 2014. OnDeck has originated more than $1.7 billion in loans since inception in 2007.
Coming on the heels of the Lending Club IPO, OnDeck public debut is putting a spotlight on the variety of fintech innovation being brought to market. And while increased scrutiny from investors and analysts will present challenges, it will also provide an opportunity to stimulate greater attention, interest and investment in the industry.
Interviewed Wednesday morning on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street”, OnDeck CEO Noah Breslow said, “It’s a signature moment for financial technology. Public market investors have had no real way to invest in the disruption that’s happening in banking. We think that both the Lending Club IPO and the OnDeck IPO represent in consumer and small business the two leaders in those respective markets.”
Lead underwriters of the offering were Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Jeffries, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. Based in New York, OnDeck was last on the Finovate stage in 2012 for FinovateSpring where it demoed its OnDeck Connect technology. This fall, the company participated in the inaugural FinDEVr conference in San Francisco, presenting its lending APIs.

FinDEVr Preview: CopSonic, Finicity, Mifos Initiative, ModoPayments, and OnDeck

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FinDEVr begins in just over a week. To be a part of the first fintech event for developers, click here to get your tickets today.

Here is Part Two of our last look at the companies that will demo on Tuesday, September 30. In this installment, we meet:

Part Three is available here. If you missed our first installment, check out Part One here.
And don’t forget to join the growing community of developers, software architects, and engineers on Bizzabo


CopSonic is a French company founded in 2013 specialized in the development and marketing of its sonic and ultrasonic authentication technology. The company is composed out of a strong team of researchers and engineers specialized in security, payment, sonic and ultrasonic authentication protocols. Recently, CopSonic joined the Microsoft Partner Network and became a member of the FIDO Alliance organization.

Keynote: Sonic and Ultrasonic Authentication Solution Working on All Mobile Phones
The CopSonic SDK allows contactless multi-factor authentication based on ultrasounds or sounds. This SDK is the first to introduce an “air gap” with encrypted analog information into the digital circuit. The security level thus achieved by CopSonic reaches current military security levels.
CopSonic is a universal solution working on all feature phones, smart phones, smart watches, tablets, computers, smart devices, internet of things, etc. as long as they are equipped with speakers and/or a microphone. It is operational on all standard GSM networks, on the intent or any other TCP-IP compatible network. The solution requires no change of Telco or of the existing hardware.
CopSonic enables e-commerce, financial and cybersecurity industries to propose a universal and secure solution for strong authentication to all of their customers worldwide. This authentication solution is an alternative to the use of online and/or offline passwords.
PhonicAccess and GateSonic are anti-phishing use cases of this highly secured technology. Also, for the first time, CopSonic enables the use of smart-bracelets as secure access key.


Founded in 1999, Finicity is a privately held fintech industry pioneer. Leading the charge to the Evented Financial Web, Finicity enables fintech developers to build real-time apps through its RESTful Aggregation API and the Finicity API Platform.

Keynote: Aggregation Reloaded
Forged and hardened in consumer PFM over the past 13 years, Finicity is publicly launching its Financial Aggregation API service with unparalleled FI uptime, broad FI coverage, 24/7 developer support, and exciting new endpoint features that will elevate your UX.
Why it’s great for developers:
  • 24/7 Pre and Post-deployment Agg Support
  • Improve your app UX with unparalleled FI Agg uptime
  • Come see the launch of the Evented Financial Web
The Finicity API Platform, RESTful Aggregation API and Developer Portal make it EASY to deploy financial apps into the Evented Financial Web ecosystem.


The Mifos Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit that guides the development of the Mifos X solution for financial inclusion, an API-driven open source platform with a suite of configurable cloud apps. Our community speeds the elimination of poverty by scaling financial services to the 2.5 billion unbanked.

Our platform is game-changing because we are mobilizing a global community, which is the only way to confront the massive problem we face. Our open source license and community driven approach is unlocking new collaboration and enabling new business models that will allow the financial inclusion sector to scale upward and outward. It enables small institutions to mature and large institutions to reach down cost-effectively in a manner that never could be possible before.
Keynote: Mifos X, Open Technology Platform Unlocking New Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid
There is a massive opportunity to serve the 2.5B individuals who lack access to financial services. Discover how you can build and scale mobile and cloud-based solutions on top of the open Mifos X platform for financial inclusion, which is led by a global community & backed by Silicon Valley.
Mifos X is the world’s only open source technology platform for financial inclusion. Built around an API-centric, cloud-based software architecture, the Mifos X Platform is a modern, connected core banking system for responsible financial services organizations bringing basic financial services to the poor globally.
Our innovative solution consists of a full suite of open technologies to scale the reach of financial inclusion to the 2.5B unbanked, encompassing an open source platform released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, completely exposed through a full set of open APIs as well as a suite of cloud products and mobile apps on top of the platform. Whether you are an innovator looking to build a brand new fintech solution, an integrator looking to integrate or scale an existing product, a reseller looking to extend, implement, support, or host a feature-rich core banking system, or a financial institution looking for a solution out of the box, Mifos X has it covered.
Mifos X consists of 1) the platform (A RESTful back-end which talks to a MySQL database and is built on the Jersey/Spring/JPA stack) 2) the community app (AngularJS app that provides support for the most commonly used financial inclusion model
s) and 3) RESTful APIs from our platform accessing all the core underlying functionality to enable the community to quickly build their own enterprise grade financial inclusion products/apps on any technology stock.
Workshop: Building Apps for Financial Inclusion on the Mifos X Platform
In this hands-on session, you’ll learn how to quickly build enterprise-grade financial inclusion solutions on top of Mifos X, an open-source cloud-based Java platform providing the common core banking functionality through a full set of RESTful APIs, an AngularJS web app and an Android client.
Why it’s great for developers:
  • Market-Validated: 75 customers serving 2.5M clients
  • Open & Community-Driven: Open Source via MPL 2.0
  • Extensible: Complete platform – RESTful APIs on a modern tech stack
Mifos is the world’s only fully open API-driven platform for financial inclusion providing a technology foundation to reach the 2.5 Billion unbanked at the Base of the Pyramid.


ModoPayments powers better buying experiences with better economics, created by YOU! Using our handcrafted API, any developer can build their own mobile app with the ability to perform in-store purchases at tens of thousands of store locations. Modo powers the payments and tech and you design the experience.

Keynote: How to Find Money & Love with Mobile Apps (maybe more money than love)
Learn about the best kept secret in payments platform APIs: Modo. Modo will show you in 6 minutes or less how to build a better buying experience that entices consumers to spend money, and make you money, with the mobile app of your dreams. Your love mileage may vary.
Workshop: Get Your Hands on Modo
Now you know the secret about how the Modo API can transform buying experiences for your users, audience or customer base, and make real money with your mobile app. Get to this workshop, roll up your sleeves, and build an app you will fall in love with.


Launched in 2007, OnDeck uses data aggregation and electronic payment technology to evaluate the financial health of small and medium sized businesses to efficiently deliver capital to a market underserved by banks. Its proprietary technology – the OnDeck Score – enables small businesses to obtain affordable loans with a fraction of the time and effort that it takes through traditional channels. OnDeck’s credit models look deeper into the health of businesses, focusing on overall business performance, rather than the owner’s personal credit history.

As a leading direct lender of small business loans, OnDeck has deployed more than $1 billion in capital nationwide.
Keynote: OnDeck Lending API’s – Frictionless, Extensible, Powerful
The OnDeck Score evaluates thousands of data points – from cash flow to public records to social data – to more accurately and efficiently assess business health and deliver capital in as fast as 24 hours.
Pamela Rice, OnDeck’s SVP of Technology, is discussing how the OnDeck platform provides a critically needed mechanism for financial institutions and other business service providers to efficiently reach the Main Street small business market.
The company has several APIs, which provide powerful, fully integrated lending capabilities, to third party partners, thus allowing for instant pre-qualifications, pre-approvals and loan applications. Through a coding and product demo, Pamela will demonstrate how both developers and non-developers can interact with OnDeck’s APIs in a UI sandbox and how to utilize our Salesforce app for frictionless plug-and-play integration.
Why it’s great for developers
  • OnDeck’s technology makes the lending process simple, fast & efficient
  • APIs enable 3rd parties to provide more small businesses with the capital they need when they need it
  • OnDeck’s technology has enabled the lender to deploy more than $1 billion in capital to small businesses across the U.S.
OnDeck’s technology has enabled the lender to deploy more than $1 billion in capital to small businesses across the U.S.

Click here for Part Three of our look at fifteen companies that will be sharing their innovations at FinDEVr on Tuesday, September 30.
And if you missed our previous editions of our FinDEVr Preview, the links below will help get you up to date.

Jane J. Thompson Joins OnDeck Board of Directors

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Thumbnail image for ondeck_logo_new.jpg

OnDeck announced today that Jane J. Thompson, former head of Wal-Mart Financial Services, will join the board of directors of OnDeck.


“I have dedicated my career to driving growth for a variety of companies across the financial services industry, with a particular focus on those underserved by traditional options,” Thompson said.

Noah Breslow, OnDeck CEO, added, “Her expertise and leadership will help guide our growth across our marketing, product innovation, risk management, and customer services efforts.”
Thompson currently serves as the CEO of Jane J. Thompson Financial Services LLC, a management-consultant firm. Before serving as president of Financial Services at Wal-Mart, Thompson led the Sears Credit, Sears Home Services, and Sears Online groups within Sears.
Thompson is also director at Navient Corporation, a loan management, loan servicing, and asset recovery firm, VeriFone Systems, and The Fresh Market. An advisor to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Thompson was named Innovator of the Year, and one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Finance by American Banker Magazine.
Jane J. Thompson’s joining of the OnDeck board comes as the company moves closer to an initial public offering.