FinDEVr Live: Braintree Shows How to Increase Checkout Conversion

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braintree_logo_newAs the Braintree_PayPal developer and startup relations team, Braintree_dev works directly in the field to educate and support the community about the Braintree and PayPal APIs and SDKs. With unique programs including BattleHack, Startup Blueprint and Start Tank, Braintree_dev engages with the community to mentor, support and enable seamless commerce experiences through easy integrations around the globe.

Make me pay you! – Increasing Checkout Conversion:
Don’t you just wish you can talk to your users ask them to “Show you the money!!” Sometimes your users just want to give you the money but we make it so difficult for them. Increasing check-out conversion, part art, part science, part design, part engineering. I’ll talk through simple design patterns, like making sure you have a way for users to give feedback to engineering libraries (cool libraries that help you take a photo of a credit card instead of entering it’s info). By the end of this talk, I hope you will have found some interesting ways for your users to give you more money.

Key takeaways

  • Design patterns, tools, tips, tricks and other developer resources you can use to build a
    great checkout experience.
  • Case studies on companies that made changes to their checkout flow that resulted in increase customer revenue.
  • Examples of great checkout experiences and some not so great checkout experiences that we can learn from.


Justin Woo, Developer Advocate
LinkedIn | @jzwoo | | 408-376-7400
Justin Woo is a Developer Advocate at Braintree / PayPal and has been programming ever since he got his first IBM XT running DOS. He loves writing mobile applications (especially hybrid-HTML5 applications) and wishes everything could be done in LISP.

FinDEVr APIntelligence

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FinDEVr2015LogoV2DateAre you building new financial technology? Be sure to register soon for the only event exclusive for fintech developers, FinDEVr 2015, Oct 6-7 (fewer than a week away!) in San Francisco.

Developer news:

  • Thomson Reuters considers how APIs are changing the fintech narrative.

The latest from upcoming FinDEVr 2015 presenters:

  • FinDEVr San Francisco 2015 Presenters All Mapped Out.
  • PayPal unveils its chip card reader in the U.S.
  • Hyperwallet counts down to next week’s FinDEVr  developer conference.
  • Munich-Based Fidor Bank Launches in the UK.
  • OnDeck partners with Association for Enterprise Opportunity to facilitate up to $10 million in small business loans.
  • Aerospike releases version 3.6 of its NoSQL operational database.
  • TechCrunch: Klarna adds American Express as a partner.
  • Emerging Payments Awards selects Hyperwallet as a finalist for the Best Corporate/Government Payments Program award for 2015.
  • Braintree and PayPal reflect on their two year anniversary.
  • CNET features Personal Capital in a look at investment in robo-advisors.
  • Kaspersky’s blog mentions Twilio’s Authy as a way to protect you ID on a smartphone.
  • Avalara announces the availability of a benefits program exclusively for U.S. QuickBooks ProAdvisors® and their clients.
  • Celent advises banks to be more like Fidor Bank in order to remain relevant.
  • The Neutral Internet Exchange NL-ix will use Interxion Cloud Connect to connect to Microsoft Azure as a part of its new cloud connectivity services.
  • MX Lands $4 Million from CheckFree Founder Pete Kight.

Alumni updates:

  • Xero surpasses milestone of 100,000 subscribers in the UK.

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The FinDEVr APIntelligence

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Are you building new financial technology? Be sure to register now for the only event exclusively for fintech developers, FinDEVr 2015, Oct 6-7 in San Francisco. 


The latest from FinDEVr 2015 presenters:

  • Pinterest turns to  Braintree to power PayPal payment option for browsing consumers.
  • FinDEVr 2015: First Round of Presenting Companies Revealed.
  • Backbase set to launch its first hackathon 19 and 20 of June.
  • Spreedly now supports third party tokens to help merchants continue to process transactions using their existing gateway-specific tokens from within Spreedly.
  • Thinking Capital  announces new name, visual identity and tagline.
  • SandHill mentions  SnoopWall as 1 of 5 Cool Pre-VC Cybersecurity Startups.
  • Avalara  acquires Belgium-based VAT Applications.
  • UPS Capital Partners integrates with Kabbage to offer more SMBs access to a loan through UPS.

Alumni updates:

  • Xero  developing business apps that Apple is using to help market the iPad’s use in business.
  • looks at how Trulioo’s API defends startups against credit card fraud.
  • Xero  reaches 500,000 customers for its cloud accounting service, sets sights on 1 million customer milestone.
  • Verizon Ventures welcomes  SimplyTapp to its portfolio of investments.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts, Fandango, Sundance Catalog and Williams-Sonoma have all integrated Visa Checkout into their apps.
  • NerdWallet turns to  Trulioo CEO Stepehn Ufford CEO offers 5 steps to protect against cyberthreats.

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PayPal’s Braintree’s SDK Available to International Customers

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PayPal’s Braintree announced this afternoon that it has started rolling out its software development kit (SDK) for international customers. It plans to begin with its core markets, including:

    • Australia
    • Canada
    • France
    • Germany
    • Sweden
    • UK

The remaining tens of thousands of customers spread across 40+ countries will have access to the SDK in the future.


The SDK, which can be integrated in around 15 minutes, will bring the international customers three key features:

    1. Ability to accept PayPal payments without additional integration
    2. Simplicity for future developments to help them keep up with the latest innovation
    3. An easy-to-integrate, customizable UI

Current international customers include The Exchange Group in Australia and CINQ-S in France.

Braintree demonstrated at FinovateSpring 2013 before it was acquired by PayPal in September of that year. PayPal last demonstrated at FinovateEurope 2012.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Braintree’s SDK, check out its presentations and workshop sessions at FinDEVr this September 30 through October 1.

How Big is the Braintree SDK? PayPal’s Acquisition Launches Toolkit Reboot

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Thumbnail image for BraintreeLogo2.jpg

For all the anticipation of draft day, there’s nothing like the excitement on the day when fans get to see the new addition finally take the field.

That team is PayPal and their newest addition, Braintree has just made its first big play: is a major overhaul of Braintree’s Software Development Kit (SDK) that puts PayPal integration front and center for app developers eager to add in-app payment functionality to their solutions.

Thumbnail image for PayPalLogo.jpg

Writing at the Braintree blog, Ben Mills and Tony Pitluga point to the new SDK as a major, post-acquisition goal. “From the moment we joined forces with PayPal in December 2013, we have been working hard to make accepting PayPal as simple as we made accepting credit cards.”
Braintree also provides a Sandbox to let developers test without needing a PayPal account. The SDK offers both online/web integration via Javascript, and mobile by way of Android and iOS. A complete PayPal integration guide is available here.
Here’s a look at some of the issues raised in the coverage of the announcement late last week.
Forbes focused on the “D” in Braintree’s SDK, making the point that the new tools will make it that much easier for mobile app developers to get paid for their work. This is no accident. Forbes notes how Braintree is pursuing the “long tail” of startups whose services tend to require “payments on the spot” and are “built exclusively for smarphones.”
Forbes also highlights on beta tester, retailer The company says that it now gets 11% of its sales through PayPal since integrating Braintree’s new tools.
TechCrunch makes sure to put the new SDK in the context of the recent acquisition that brought Braintree into the PayPal tent. In addition to noting that the SDK is the “first significant product announcement” since the acquisition, TechCrunch underscores how the technology has been “rebuilt from the ground up.”
The goal of the rebuilding is to make it easier and faster for merchants to integrate the tools into their own systems. Speed (10-15 minutes) is one factor, but TechCrunch also noted features like the “drop-in” user interface that makes it easier for smaller startups to further minimize the time spent in integration.
TechCrunch’s reporting also provides a handful of interesting quotes from PayPal CEO, Bill Ready. In particular, Ready’s idea of being able to change payment methods in app as simply as “flipping a switch” is part of what he considers “future proofing” the technology.
And with a bit of prompting, it is clear that the future Ready is proofing for includes everything from international commerce, non-card payments, and even crypto currencies like Bitcoin.
We also get the names of some additional beta testers, with Chargify, GitHub, and ParkWhiz also reportedly taking out for a spin. Twilio is also said to be planning to integrate the SDK.
Other interesting observations included a note in VentureBeat that PayPal’s current mobile API will continue to exist. But that it is clear that the will be treated as the “preferred way to integrate PayPal” going forward.
Founded in 2007, Braintree demoed its recently-acquired Venmo Touch technology at FinovateSpring 2013 in San Francisco. See the company on stage here.

And if you like coverage of developer issues, then you’ll love FinDEVr. Brought to you by a team from Finovate, FinDEVr is the first event for fintech developers and will take place September 30 and October 1 in San Francisco. Take a look at some of the innovators who are already on board:
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