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FDNY17_EventLogo_v1(wdate)Tickets for upcoming FinDEVr London and FinDEVr New York are at their lowest prices now. Register before Friday for New York to save!


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The latest from FinDEVr Silicon Valley presenters

  • PwC and Oracle team up to help FIs meet new accounting standards
  • Technology from Modo Payments supports new loyalty point POS payment partnership between FIS and Verifone.

Alumni updates

  • FICO and Ethoca partner to improve card acceptance rates, fight CNP fraud, and reduce disputes.
  • Finextra: Blockchain launches Digital Asset Research Lab.
  • OnDeck and payment solutions provider WEX team up to provide small business financing.
  • Token partners with VirtusaPolaris, information technology consulting and outsourcing company.

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FinDEVr APIntelligence

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Our FinDEVr New York developer showcase was a success! FinDEVr Silicon Valley will be held October 18 & 19 in Santa Clara. Register today and save.


  • OakNorth, “The First Cloud-Based Bank in the U.K.” is Powered by Mambu.
  • Mobeam Barcode Beaming Technology Gains Broader Integration with Samsung Pay.
  • Up from Down Under: VIX Verify Chooses Atlanta’s Transaction Alley for Americas Headquarters.
  • Speed of Lightning, Roar of Thunder: Blockchain Unveils Off-Chain Bitcoin Payments Network.

The latest from FinDEVr New York 2016 presenters:

  • Version 6.0 of PayPal app discontinues support for Amazon Fire, Windows, and Blackberry phones.

Alumni updates:

  • Twilio Readies for $100 Million IPO.
  • Let’s Talk Payments takes a look at the post-acquisition relationship between Envestnet and Yodlee.
  • Neyber selects Cloud Lending Solutions for loan automation.

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Speed of Lightning, Roar of Thunder: Blockchain Unveils Off-Chain Bitcoin Payments Network

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With the alpha release of its Thunder Network, FinDEVr alum Blockchain has produced what it calls “the first usable implementation of the Lightning network for off-chain bitcoin payments that settles back to the main bitcoin blockchain.” So what does this mean for developers and payment tech professionals?

Blockchain_PeterSmith_CEOUntil recently, the idea of lightning networks has been just that: a concept that thrived in research labs and test nets. Blockchain’s interest is based in the company’s goal of using smart contracts to develop “super-charged payment networks” and Thunder represents the first concrete, albeit still in alpha, step in this direction. Blockchain CEO Peter Smith (pictured) said of the technology, “it has the ability to unleash the power of micro transactions, to allow the bitcoin network to handle heavy loads, and to increase user privacy.”

In a profile for Forbes, Smith compared the technology to a cash poker game in which a number of transactions take place with poker chips before all players cash out at the night. “It will enable people to make instantaneous transactions at an even lower cost,” Smith explained. He sees the Thunder network as reaching “near-Visa scale” and anticipates being able to execute transactions “somewhere in the region of a hundredth to a thousandth of a penny.”

Read about Blockchain’s internal testing of Thunder, including “Transaction Zero.” Smith and colleague Mats Jerratsch funded Thunder Wallets from their personal Blockchain wallets, then made a number of free bitcoin transactions via a payment channel created on an independent node. Finally, they closed the channel and transferred the money back to their original Blockchain wallets.


“Safely back on the main chain!” Smith wrote. “This is a big deal and we’re excited about the work ahead.”

A quick summary of the features of the Thunder Network are:

  • node and wallet with GUI
  • settle to bitcoin blockchain
  • cheap payments (“fundamentally lower than on-chain payments”)
  • AES-CTR encryption
  • open and close payment channels at will
  • payment relay with encrypted routing
  • automatic payment settlement
  • instant irrevocable payments

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Luxembourg, Blockchain participated in the inaugural FinDEVr developers conference in San Francisco in 2014. The company has raised $30 million in funding and includes Lightspeed Venture Partners, Mosaic Ventures, and Richard Branson among its investors.

Presales for FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016 have begun. Join hundreds of your fellow fintech developers and engineers, CTOs and white hat hackers as FinDEVr returns to the West Coast, October 18 & 19. Pick up your ticket by end of day on Friday, May 27th and save $400 of the ticket price.

FinDEVr APIntelligence

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FinDEVr2015LogoV2DateAre you building new financial technology? Be sure to register soon for the only event exclusively for fintech developers, FinDEVr 2015, Oct 6-7 in San Francisco.

Developer news:

  • CIO of UBS asserts the blockchain will heavily impact financial services.
  • Inc: Why Fintech Is One of the Most Promising Industries of 2015.
  • Accenture and Leading Banks Invite Applications for Fourth Annual FinTech Innovation Lab London.
  • Tool of the week: SplitMetrics allows A/B testing of App Store promotional pages

The latest from upcoming FinDEVr 2015 presenters:

  • PayPal acquires mobile commerce platform Modest, its first acquisition as a standalone, public company.
  • Inc. Magazine ranks Kabbage the 36th fastest growing U.S. private companies.
  • Silicon Republic recommends following OnDeck on Twitter.
  • FinDEVr alums make Let’s Talk Payments’ list of payment companies raising money in 2015.
  • Fidor Bank CEO Matthias Kroner calls bitcoin as a “natural part of the digital lifestyle.”
  • PayPal ranks in the top 5 of payments companies based on market cap.
  • Blackberry selects PayPal for its P2P Payments provider.

Alumni updates:

  • TradeSharp integrates with Tradier to offer brokerage services and enhanced trading strategies.
  • InComm to expand offerings in Asda, the United Kingdom-based subsidiary of Walmart.
  • Blockchain achieves 4 million bitcoin wallets.
  • Xero announces plan to help SMEs get bank loans.
  • Cloud Lending Solutions unveils CL Originate, its next generation, cloud-based loan origination platform.
  • CardFlight’s SwipeSimple to power Integrity Mobile’s mPOS tech.

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What the Hack to do With All those APIs?

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We’re in Vegas this week, catching up with several Finovate and FinDEVr alums. Before the week even started, however, we took a gamble and spent the weekend at the Money20/20 Hackathon.

Many Finovate and FinDEVr alums have powerful APIs to enable the creation of solutions to solve all types of problems. At the hackathon, the crowd of 450 developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs developed a myriad of solutions over the course of 25 hours.

Here are the winners for each company:


Bionym winners

  • OffBank, which uses Bionym’s Nymi band to authenticate bank customers before initiating a wire transfer
  • I Heart Pay, which uses Bionym’s Nymi band, combined with an app, to enable merchants to verify a customer’s identity to charge them for a transaction

Check out Bionym’s demo from FinDEVr 2014, San Francisco


Blockchain winner:

Samaritus, which uses barcode scanners inside of recycling bins that read bar codes on recyclable materials to reward people for recycling. The app pays them in bitcoin, while simultaneously collecting data on what and where users recycle.


Feedzai winner:
Bacon, which places a multi-layer authentication platform that layers more security data on top of Feedzai’s algorithm to authenticate customers before a transaction. 


Intuit winner:
In Reach, which uses the QuickBooks Online API to determine the availability of a retailer’s inventory, then enables customers to purchase goods via a native app, and pick up the item in the store.

MasterCard winner:

Enterchange, which uses MasterCard’s API to enable customers to order food and pay at sit-down restaurants.
Modo Payments winners:
    • ShopperPal (for FIS), an app that incents consumers to enter a physical retail store by giving them points for entering a 

      store, liking the company on Facebook, and making purchases in the store. The points are added to the consumer’s Modo Payments app.

    • KidFit (for Alliance Data), an app that syncs with wearable devices, such as a smartwatch, to enable parents to reward their children for elevating their heart rate for a set amount of time. The rewards are given in the form of points in the Modo Payments app. 
    • Nike Modo, a system that uses the Nike Fuel band to track a consumer’s geolocation and add reward points to their Modo Wallet when they enter a store and make a purchase.
Swift, a solution for retail stores that uses an RFID sensor to track each product that is placed into shopping carts. The data syncs to the consumer’s PayPal app to enable a quick and mobile checkout experience.

Blockchain Raises $30 Million in Growth Capital

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In a massive Series A funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Wicklow Capital, bitcoin wallet innovator Blockchain announced today that it has raised $30 million in growth capital.

The successful round comes as the company celebrates reaching 2.3 million consumers with its private, secure, and portable bitcoin wallets. Writing at the Blockchain blog, the company credits Lightspeed Venture Partners for being one of the first Silicon Valley firms to begin paying serious attention to the bitcoin phenomenon. Wicklow Capital also comes in for commendation, with Blockchain hoping to leverage Wicklow’s experience and leadership in developing “technology enabled trading and financial services”.

Blockchain also announced new additions to its board of directors, onboarding Richard Branson, Mosaic Ventures, and Prudence Holdings, among others.
Founded in 2011 by Ben Reeves as a way to study and analyze the bitcoin market, Blockchain is the maker of the first, Java-based, client side bitcoin wallet that makes it easy for individuals to store and use their bitcoins. Calling itself the “de facto search engine for the bitcoin economy,” Blockchain manages more than two million bitcoin wallets, representing more than $21 billion in total payment volume.
Reeves currently serves as Blockchain CTO, Nicholas Cary is CEO, and Peter Smith is President.
Blockchain participated in the first FinDEVr conference last week in San Francisco, where they demonstrated their core API for bitcoin development. Read more about the company’s FinDEVr presentation here.

FinDEVr 2014: Blockchain’s APIs Help Developers Build a Bitcoin Business in Minutes

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This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

Blockchain introduces its widely-relied upon APIs to help developers build their own bitcoin-related apps.

Blockchain: The Core API for Bitcoin Development
Blockchain’s APIs power most of the Bitcoin companies in the ecosystem. Utilizing our APIs, you can start a Bitcoin business in minutes. From wallet creation to transaction verification, Blockchain’s APIs have you covered.
Presenting: Dan Held, Lead Product Manager
Blockchain is the world’s most popular web-based Bitcoin wallet and the most highly trafficked Bitcoin website. Blockchain is the de facto search engine for the Bitcoin economy. Blockchain has over 2 million wallets and our footprint continues to grow quickly.
Twitter: @blockchain

Day Two at FinDEVr: A Festival of Fintech Innovation

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FinDEVr, the first event for fintech developers, is right around the corner. For the past few weeks we’ve introduced you to some of the innovators who will be presenting, demoing, and holding workshops on Day One.

Today, we’re happy to help you get to know some of the companies that will be showcasing and sharing their APIs, SDKs and more on Day Two.

There’s still time to save your spot. Pick up your tickets today and we’ll see you in San Francisco next week!


BCL Technologies develops APIs for Financial Text Extraction that unlock Big Data in unstructured documents and websites, enabling FinTechDevelopers to easily extract structured Financial Triplets from any source.

Presentation: Unlocking Financial Text
Explore the different use cases for BCL’s Financial Data Extraction APIs for unstructured text, to generate structured data Triplets.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
Automated Financial Extraction APIs to extract Financial Triplets
  • More Quickly
  • More Accurately
  • Without Human Intervention
Unlock Financial Text fast and with high accuracy.


Toronto-based Bionym is a team of experts in cryptography, biometrics, and security. Our first product is the Nymi, a wearable device that enables the user to authenticate once via unique cardiac rhythm and securely and seamlessly assert Persistent Identity to any system.

Presentation: Here I Am: Revolutionizing FI and Banking Experiences with Persistent Identity and the Nymi
Balaji Gopalan is presenting the Nymi Persistent Identity vision and User flow and will review key aspects of the SDK and Developer offering. In addition, he will propose and inspire discussion on select use cases in FinTech where the Nymi can improve engagement, security, and customer satisfaction.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
  • Increases both security and convenience
  • Enables the creation of new personalized experiences
  • Light, shallow yet robust API for all major OSes
The Nymi platform allows Users to be recognized and authenticated for service, workflows, or transactions simply by being present – completely safely and securely.


Blockchain is the world’s most popular, web-based Bitcoin wallet and the most highly trafficked Bitcoin website. Blockchain is the defacto search engine for the Bitcoin community. Blockchain has over 2 million wallets and our footprint continues to grow quickly.

Presentation: Blockchain: The Core API for Bitcoin Development
Blockchain’s API’s power most of the Bitcoin companies in the ecosystem, Utilizing our APIs, you can start a Bitcoin business in minutes. From wallet creation to transaction verification, Blockchain’s APIs have you covered.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
  • Most popular Bitcoin API
  • Wallet Creation API
  • Transactions submitted with our API have fast network propagation time (3-5 seconds)
If you’re wanting to build a Bitcoin product, Blockchain is the one stop shop API for your development needs.


CrowdCurity is a web security marketplace. We connect businesses with security testers. We do bug bounty programs-as-a-service. Bitcoin First.

Presentation: How to Invite Hackers to Your Website
Too many websites are being exploited, and we need to rethink web security. The best way to stay secure and ahead of the bad guys is to invite good, white-hat hackers to test your security. We have made it easy to connect businesses to a crowd of security researchers.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
  • No bugs, no cost. Don’t pay for expensive consultants.
  • Leverage the knowledge of the crowd
  • Agile security around the clock


Entersekt is an innovator in transaction authentication and mobile app security. Our one-of-akind approach to harness the power of electronic certificate technology with the convenience of mobile phones providing financial institutions and their customers with full protection from online and mobile banking fraud.

Presentation: Securing Mobile Applications Through Transport iLayer Diversity
Mobile security is becoming increasingly important as more functionality is shifting to these devices. But how do we ensure the integrity of the phone and the server we’re connecting to? This is a common problem and has been addressed by recommending out-of-band authentication schemes.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
  • Avoids the open Internet of SMS for user and transaction authentication
  • Provides end-to-end encrypted communication
  • Counters phishing, man-in-the-middle/browser attack
Harnessing the power of public key infrastructure, Transakt transforms almost any mobile phone into a powerful weapon in the fight against account takeover fraud.


Google Cloud Platform enables
developers to build, test, and deploy applications on Google’s highly scalable and reliable infrastructure. This suite of services allows developers to choose from computing, storage, and application services for web, mobile, and backend solutions.

Presentation: Big Data on Google
Google has been the most innovative Big Data company in the World, having paved the way for highly distributed parallelized workflows. Technologies like Hadoop, Flume, Dremel, and HBase were made possible by Google’s research and development efforts. Now Google is outsourcing its own Big Data secret.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
  • Seamlessly scale into petabytes of data and dozens of thousands of servers
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Performance
Google’s BigQuery and Dataflow services are the next generation of Big Data tools, allowing you to focus on solving your Big Data problems rather than building systems.


GreenAddress IT is a leader in securing bit coins and providing instant clearing confirmations. It supports desktop, mobile, and web apps, and offers a very featureful and secure wallet as well as APIs to enable third party developers.

Presentation: GreenAddress: Instant and Secure Bitcoin
The presentation is introducing bit coin’s multi signature features. These features allow users to radically improve the security of bitcoin wallets, as well as create new services like instant confirmation allowing for faster arbitration between exchanges.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
  • Available for all platforms and easy to use
  • Instant confirmation for super smooth transactions
  • Vastly improved security model via multisig and two-factor authentication
GreenAddress’ API gives 3rd parties the ability to securely manage and receive instant confirmations without having to wait for transactions.


Kiind helps businesses reward their employees and customers with gift cards., With Kiind, you can easily send personalized offers to multiple contacts, and Kiind’s technology allows you to defer when you pay for rewards and gifts, thereby saving you money.

Presentation: Making Gifting Easy
We’ll touch on Kiind’s API and where it is headed as well as our marketplace
Why it’s Great for Developers:
  • Measurable tracking and reporting
  • Branding
  • Offer a choice between gifts
Send measurable gifts and only pay for what is used. Kiind makes your gifting easy so you can focus on what you know best.


Knox Payments allows people to make ACH payments using only their online banking login information, providing the cheapest, safest, and easiest way to accept digital payments.

Presentation: ACH That Doesn’t Suck: No Account and Routing Numbers Needed
Developing ACH processing the traditional way is horrible. Your users don’t know their account and routing numbers and you don’t know if they actually have the money. Knox has solved these problems with the ease of just logging into your online banking, making ACH cheaper, safer, and easier.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
  • No account and routing numbers needed
  • No new accounts for your users
  • Guaranteed overnight funds for ACH
ACH sucks and credit cards are expensive: Knox fixes that without needing your users to create any new accounts.


MASSPAY is m-payments for every(f)one. If you know how to dial, you know how to pay. It’s simple and convenient. You don’t even need a smartphone with a data plan – you can use it with an NFC QR code. MASSPAY is the first solution dedicated to emerging and developed markets with minimum investment.

Presentation: Mobile Payments for Every(f)one
How to pay using a feature phone or a smartphone without any app. Why MASSPAY is a perfect solution for developed markets as well as emerging or developing countries. Why MASSPAY is for every phone and everyone.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
With MASSPAY you can process:
  • Any transaction
  • From any phone (with or without application or data plan)
  • In a single easy scenario
If you know how to make a phone call, you know how to pay. With minimum of investment and maximum of simplicity and convenience, from any phone.


Morpheus Aiolos is a company based in Spain that has developed financial software since 2012. We have two featured products: an API to extract bank transactions and a clone of Mint, which uses the API.

Presentation: API for Banking
Our API standardizes the way an application can extract information form any bank account. We’re describing how it works, with some examples.
Why it’s Great for Developers:
  • First API that works in countries where there is not a standard for banking
  • Already tested in a production environment
  • 5,000 users in Spain
We can add banks to adapt the API to other countries in a matter of days